• Malaysia's Trusted Brand EST. 1993

    There is no compromise when it comes to quality and style. The most trusted and
    definitely the No 1 favourite brand in Malaysia

  • Innovative Design

    Double Lock Stitched Construction (DLSC) is the method used in all our 4000 Series for a longer lasting wear. The method used is whereby the strip of leather that is sewn around the bottom edge of a shoe, attached the upper penetrating the insole and the sole.

  • Durable Rubber Outsole

    Fuel oil & slip resistant outsole.

    Not to be damage by oil and
    withstand 180°c heat resistant.

  • Genuine Leather Upper

    Genuine Leather Upper for more durable and for better fit on your feet.

  • Shock Absorbing Insole

    Ultra-PU Foam Insole with Impact Absorption to reduce fatigue.

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  • Nail-Proof Protection

    Steel Midsole
    Steel Penetration Resistant (1100 N)

    Steel Toe Cap
    Impact resistance up to 200 joule & compressions resistance up to 15,000 newton

Collection: BLACK HAMMER 4000 series Safety Shoes